2020 has been a time of transformation at Magia Consulting, and over the next few weeks we are looking forward to sharing some of the exciting changes we’ve made over the Summer months. One of Magia’s core values is to always work transparently with our customers and partners, and we always look forward to celebrating our news and announcements with you!

Our first important announcement is the appointment of our new Chief Executive Officer, Leona Chauhan. We are delighted that Leona has agreed to take on this role – she is an energetic and compassionate leader with a wealth of industry experience, to enable our team at Magia Consulting to expand our heritage of technical excellence into new areas of innovation, while maintaining the values, rigorous technical standards, high quality, and personal service of a small business. Leona believes in cultivating creativity within an organisation by building and mentoring high performing, inclusive teams, and working openly and transparently with customers – leading Magia to be the partner of choice for organisations wishing to implement technology changes that drive real business value and have a positive impact on the people using the technology.