About Tech She Can

The Tech She Can Charter is a commitment by organisations to work together to increase the number of women working in technology roles in the UK. Tech She Can is a fantastic initiative, which recognises the important role we all play to inspire girls and young women to get into technology careers. The charter aims to tackle the root cause of the problem at a societal level, through inspiring and educating young girls and women to get into tech careers, and sharing best practices across all the organisations involved. In order to achieve these goals, Tech She Can has developed a strategy to support both schools and organisations to encourage the spark of enthusiasm in young people. Tech She Can has gained support from over 9000 schools in the UK – an incredible feat for a charter that has only been around for two years.

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Changing the narrative

PwC (the network that started the Tech She Can initiative) performed a research study on over 2,000 A-Level and university students. This study showed that the gender gap in technology begins in school and carries on through every educational and professional stage of girls’ and women’s lives. Only 27% of female students surveyed say they would consider a career in technology, and just 3% said it was their first choice.
The statistics show that women do not receive enough information about how a career path in tech may look, and in many cases it isn’t even highlighted to them as an option – the lack of female role models only reinforces the perception of women in a technology role. Technology is rapidly influencing our lives and with its continued growth, the narrative needs to change to represent our population equally. Raising the profile of women in technology and the variety of engaging roles will help to create a spark of interest in young people, while creating role models for women and girls allows future products and services to better serve the needs of our society as a whole. Tech She Can is working with technology organisations to set themselves gender targets, and a programme of initiatives aimed to support women in advancing to more senior positions.
In the last 6 months, despite the pandemic, Tech She Can has reached thousands of children with Tech We Can online video lessons. These lessons have been viewed in countries ranging from the UK, Australia, Greece, India, Nigeria, South Africa, Thailand, the USA and Qatar. Tech We Can lessons are available to all parents and carers who may be looking for some thought-provoking materials to help teach their children at home about what the future in work and technology could look like.

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A Cause Close To Our Hearts

Magia recognises that encouraging gender equality within our workplace produces a more dynamic and talented workforce. We live in a culture where technology leaders are becoming more visible in our daily lives – Zuckerberg, Musk and Bezos are now household names. Technology is increasingly shaping our future, but many of the recognisable faces of the technology industry are male – according to a study conducted by PwC, 78% of students can’t name a famous female working in the technology sector.

We have signed up to the Tech She Can charter, to help make a difference as one of the organisations reaching young women and girls by working alongside schools. These efforts are a first step to increasing the number of women working in diverse technology roles across the UK, as only 23% of people working in STEM roles within the UK are female. Magia supports the values of the charter – to lay the foundation for a more balanced future; in which any person feels inspired to pursue a worthwhile and interesting career working in technology. We are excited to encourage and extend these principles to a wider community of people – and in the process, help to change the narrative.

172 companies are now collaborating to inspire more women to pursue a tech career as part of the Tech She Can Charter – we’re proud to be one of them.

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